Private Services…

For those desiring more support.


Some self-directed families feel like they need more support than can be found on this site/within the resources section. If you don’t see your question addressed in the FAQs or blog sections of this site, contact me to see if private support is right for your family or group.

* *All private services are offered at a rate of $75/hr. For a more cost effective option, attend an event.

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Getting Started

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. If you’re feeling unsure, confused, or lonely as you start this journey, I can help! We’ll work together to find areas to create ease and peace on this journey.

“Translation” Services (NYS Regulations & Paperwork)

This is my specialty. The NYS homeschool regulations require several filings of paperwork every year. This can seem intimidating for any homeschooler, but especially for self-directed families who aren’t always sure that what they are doing will be understood by the powers that be. I’ll show you how to translate your SDL’s days into language the DOE understands and leave you feeling confident enough to carry on the work without my help.

College Planning

Have a high school aged SDL and starting to worry that her college aspirations may not happen? We’ll look over your submitted paperwork from past years, create a transcript, identify gaps based solely on your SDLs personal goals, explore viable college options, and make a plan to fulfill the admissions requirements for the college of you SDLs choice. There is nothing barring a SDL from attending college if that is the path they choose.

Homeschool 101

My homeschool 101 offerings are always in high demand. I generally offer these to groups that have self organized and are looking for a deeper discussion on unschooling and/or some guidance on the NYS regulations. I can cater the 101 to suit your groups’s interest- be that self-direction or general homeschooling. I always include a Q&A period to answer individual questions.


Grown-Ups — One of the most important puzzle pieces to SDE is supportive, non-intrusive grown ups. If you need help deschooling, reach out! We’ll identify trigger areas, dive into the resources available, and work on releasing some old stories that aren’t serving you anymore.

Kids— I’ll happily work with any SDL looking to work through their understanding of what education and success look like so that they can move past insecurities and onto a fulfilling self-directed journey.

** Group deschooling rates available.

Transcript Creation

If your SDL is getting ready to level up in their education and you’re finding yourself in need of non-existent transcripts, I can help you create a solid transcript based on your paperwork from past years.