Are you looking for alternatives to the standard educational system? Have questions about homeschooling regulations? Wondering what all the hype over unschooling is about? Questioning whether self-direction really works? You’ve come to the right place.


Can anyone homeschool in NYS?

Yes! The NYS homeschool regulations give every family the right to homeschool their children if they so choose- regardless of education level, credentials, or employment status.

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What Is Self-Directed Learning?

Self-Directed Learning (SDE) is the “radical” notion that children can and will learn without pressure or force. Often called unschooling or free-schooling, SDE takes many forms but always relies upon a trust in the learner and an understanding that learning is happening all the time.

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Can My Child Self-Direct in NYS?

YES! There actually isn’t a single state in the United States where self-direction is outlawed. The NYS homeschool regulations do specify subjects that must be addressed each year but there is no statement on how those subjects must be addressed nor is there an outright ban on self-direction.

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Guiding Philosophy

After years of working with children, homeschooling several teens myself, and now raising two small self-directed learners, I am convinced that self-direction is the most natural and effective way to learn. I am dedicated to education that is respectful of the learner and recognizes the autonomy of each child. My ultimate goal is to help interested families take control of the reduction, self-direct independently and with confidence, and discover a way of learning that feels more like play than work.


“Self-education through play and exploration requires enormous amounts of unscheduled time—time to do whatever one wants to do, without pressure, judgment, or intrusion from authority figures. That time is needed to make friends, play with ideas and materials, experience and overcome boredom, learn from one’s own mistakes, and develop passions.” 

Peter Gray, Free to Learn


Your Questions Answered

There are some questions that pop up frequently when we’re talking about self-direction. Check out these FAQs to see if some of your questions can be answered quickly!